Occasional tables are perfect for adding a little bit of stylish function to any room. We all know the standard uses in the living room with coffee tables and end tables, but where else around your home could you use an occasional table?

We have looked at five slightly less conventional places to add function and storage to your home with the use of a beautiful and classic table.

Use a cocktail table as a coffee bar or home bar.

A cocktail table can live up to it’s name when used as a coffee bar or small home liquour bar in a room meant for entertaining. Use the top of the table for things like coffee machine, mugs, wine glasses, etc. Fill the storage below with various syrups, coffees, teas, liquour and wine bottles. Be sure to keep this table looking clean and organized, since it will be on display for your guests to see.

Use a console style table as a small home office.

Whether it’s bills, school papers, a personal business or work from your office, almost everyone has a need for some type of office space. Using a console table can create a space saving and convenient home office in nearly any room in the house. One popular choice for this is to set up an area in the kitchen. However, with the console table taking up very little space, you can create this mini office in your living room or bedroom.

Using smaller tables to configure a larger surface.

Using a few smaller bunching tables to create one larger surface can be a great way to give a unique feel to your living space. It gives you a lot of flexibility with how you organize your space and allows you to change up the layout as often as needed. For instance, with little ones at home, this option makes it much easier to simply pick up your tables and move them, creating a larger and safe play area.

Console table as a bedroom vanity area.

It any women’s bedroom, it’s great to have a space to call your own and get ready. However, you don’t necessarily want to have that space take up a large portion of the room. Using a small console table is a beautiful way to create a vanity area right in your room, giving you a space that is feminine and functional. Add a dainty stool and you’re all set.

Console table between couch and window or wall.

Adding a narrow console table in behind your couch is not really a new concept. Many people do this as a way of dressing up the back of a couch that is sitting in the middle of the room. Adding a console table in behind a couch that is against a wall or a window is new and is a quickly growing trend. This unique position for a table stops the couch from looking so boxed against the wall and provides excellent function for holding candles, a lamp, photo frames or décor.

Use a console table between couch and wall/window to add decor and function.

(photo: 346 Living)

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